Western Automatic Changeover Station 3000 Series

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The 3000 Series Automatic Changeover Stations are designed to provide a continuous supply of high purity gases. The system automatically changes from a depleted bank of cylinders in service to the full reserve bank without an interruption of gas supply. A simple rotation of the primary bank knob resets the unit, once the depleted banks of cylinders has been replaced. The standard outlet regulator maintains a constant line pressure, even during the changeover process.  The optional remote alarm box indicates when the pressure of each bank is either normal or low.

  • High Purity - Equipment components are designed, cleaned, and built to maintain gas purity
  • Wide Selection of Regulators and Hoses - Customized equipment to suit any application.
  • Mounting Panel - Professional look, easy installation
  • Integral Check Valve in the Flexible Hoses - Prevents gas from cascading to the empty cylinders during cylinder changeouts
  • Optional Remote Alarm - Provides audible and visual indication when a bank of cylinders is depleted
  • Optional Purge Valve - Evacuates impurities from the system