Medical Vacuum System - Lube Vane

  • Horizontal
  • Mod Stack
  • Quad Mod
  • Space Saver
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA 99.
  • Package contains: lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps, associated piping and valves, one ASME air receiver and one control panel.
  • System intake, exhaust and power connection at the control panel are the only field connections required.
  • Air inlet and electrical shall be completely pre-piped and pre-wired to a single point service connection.
  • All interconnecting piping and wiring are completed and operationally tested prior to shipment.
  • Liquid tight conduit, fittings and junction boxes for all control and power wiring are provided.


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Vacuum Pump
  • The medical vacuum pump shall be of the rotary vane air-cooled design with integral, fully recirculating oil supply with sight glass to indicate oil level.
  • The oil separation system shall be integral and shall consist of no less than three stages of internally installed oil and smoke eliminators.
  • This system shall be capable of removing 99.9+ percent of all oil and smoke particles from the exhaust. Each pump shall include a built-in, anti-suckback valve mounted at the pump inlet and each pump shall be equipped with three non-asbestos vanes.
Vacuum Pump Drive
  • The vacuum pump shall be direct driven. Torque is transmitted from the motor to the pump through a shaft coupling.
  • Vibration Isolation System The pumps and motor are fully isolated from the package base by means of rubber mounts.

Control Panel Specifications
  • UL listed control panel has a NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Externally operable circuit breakers with door interlocks, control circuit transformers with fused primary and secondary circuits, H-O-A switches and magnetic starters with three leg overload protection.
  • Touch screen monitor displays the hours of operation of each pump, settings of the system and indicates any faults.
  • Lighting on the H-O-A switches indicates which pump is running.
  • Audible and visual local alarms are included for all required alarms and manufacturer recommended alarms.
  • All control and alarm functions shall remain energized while any compressor in the system remains electrically online.
  • The lag compressor shall be able to start automatically if the lead compressor fails to operate.
  • Alarm contacts are provided for remote annunciation for all alarm points.
  • Alarm logging within the control panel PLC (premium only).
  • Ethernet connection for remote panel control (premium only).
Vacuum System Accessories
  • Inlet and discharge flexible connectors, inlet check valves, inlet isolation valves, gauge exhaust tee with drip-leg and drain cock valve as well as poly tubing with DISS fitting for vacuum transducer.
Intake Piping
  • Each vacuum pump shall have a factory piped intake with integral flex connector, isolation valve and check valve.
  • Interconnecting piping shall consist of iron/galvanized pipe and fittings. Vacuum Receiver
  • ASME construction.
  • The receiver shall be rated for full vacuum service and shall be equipped with a manual valve drain.
  • Rated for a minimum 200 psig design pressure.