Zone Valve Box

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Every medical gas outlet must be controlled by a zone valve that has an intervening wall between the outlets and the area that is served. Hospital Facility Services offers complete zone valve box assemblies from to help you regulate medical gas valves in your facility.

Features of Amico Valve Boxes

  • Includes rough-in box
  • Includes trim and opaque (gray) window with NFPA label and trim
  • Includes valves
  • Valves are installed largest on bottom to smallest on top (specific configurations available upon request)
  • 1/2” to 1-1/2” shut-offs in a multiple zone indicator panel box will be in a 3-7/8” deep box
  • Shutoffs 1-1/2” and larger will have an empty space above the shutoff



  • A box with a 1/2”, 3/4” and 1-1/2” shutoff will require a 4-hole box instead of a 3-hole box
  • The 2” shut-off will be assembled in a 6-1/2” deep box and shall accommodate up to a maximum of 5 gases
  • The 2” shutoff shall be positioned on the bottom of the assembly
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Amico Gas Zone Valve Box Assemblies

Amico’s recessed zone indicator panel boxes can house two to seven zone shutoffs with tube extensions. The valve box itself is constructed of 18-gauge steel with a baked white enamel finish, an aluminum frame, and a pullout removable window. Gauges are included.
The anodized aluminum frame assembly is attached to the back of the medical gas outlet box with #6 (3/8”) tapping screws. The removable front window features a pre-mounted pullout ring; to access zone shutoff valves, simply pull the ring to remove the window from the frame. No tools are required to reinstall the window; however, it can only be replaced after shutoff handles have been returned to the open position. Window features the label: “MEDICAL GAS CONTROL VALVES – CLOSE ONLY IN EMERGENCY”.
Affixed to opposite sides of the box are two adjustable steel mounting brackets designed for mounting to structural supports. Brackets accommodate various wall thicknesses from 3/8” to 1-3/16” (9.5 mm to 30 mm), and are adjustable for mounting versatility.

Shutoff Valves

Zone shutoff valves feature a 3-piece, ball-type design, with a forged brass body and a chrome-plated brass ball for sizes 1/2” to 2”. Ball seats, stem seals, and stem washers are reinforced with PTFE and Viton stem and flange o-rings. Blowout-proof stems are included.
The medical gas outlet zone shutoffs are pressure rated to 600 psi (4,137 kPa). All materials are compatible with medical gases and are approved for vacuum service to 29” Hg (98.205 kPa). Zone shutoff valves feature lever-type handles that require only a quarter turn to go from fully open to fully closed. All shutoffs are equipped with type K, washed and degreased copper pipe stub extensions that reach beyond the sides of the valve box itself.
Every shutoff valve include an identification bracket that is riveted to the zone indicator panel box for gas labeling purposes. Labels are included for user installation.
Amico medical gas outlet zone valve boxes are NFPA 99 compliant.

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