Medical Vacuum System - Claw

  • Horizontal
  • Mod Quad
  • Skid Mount
  • Space Saver
The claw medical vacuum system is the most popluar medical vacuum pump technology currently on the market due to its low maintenance, varible speed drive with soft start, and dry contactless vacuum chamber.  Medical / Surgical vacuum systems in hospitals are life safety systems that provide suction through out medical facilities and can also support EVAC / WAGD waste anesthetic disposal system (anethesia carts).  Please contact us when replacing your vacuum system to a complete project scope and SCFM flow review.

  • Availible with variable speed drive(s)
  • Standard and Primium control panels availible
  • Modular Skids (34")
  • Space Saver, stack mount, tank mount, and skid mount configurations to fit your space needs
  • UL listed control panel has a NEMA 12 enclosure.
  • Externally operable circuit breakers with door interlocks, control circuit transformers with fused primary and secondary circuits, H-O-A switches and magnetic starters with three leg overload protection.
  • Touch screen monitor displays the hours of operation of each pump, setting of the system and indicates any faults.
  • Lighting on the H-O-A switches indicates which pump is running.
  • Audible and visual local alarms are included for compressor temperature malfunction and reserve compressor in use.
  • Manual reset for thermal malfunction shutdown is available.
  • All control and alarm functions shall remain energized while any compressor in the system remains electrically online.
  • The lag compressor shall be able to start automatically if the lead compressor fails to operate.
  • Alarm contacts are provided for remote comunciation for all alarm points.
  • Alarm logging within the control panel PLC (premium only)
  • Wi-Fi remote system monitoring through internet I.P.
  • Ethernet connection for remote panel control (premium only)
  • BACnet available


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Vacuum System Specifications
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of NFPA 99.
  • Package contains: contact-less claw vacuum pumps, associated equipment, one ASME air receiver and one control panel.
  • System intake, exhaust and power connection at the control panel are the only field connections required.
  • All components shall be completely pre-piped and pre-wired to a single point service connection.
  • All interconnecting piping and wiring shall be completed and operationally tested prior to shipment.
  • Liquid tight conduit, fittings and junction boxes for all control and power wiring are provided.

Vacuum Pump
  • Continuous duty, high efficiency, oil less and frictionless contact-less claw type.
  • Air cooled with no water requirements, pumping chamber is oil free.
  • Maintenance shall be limited to changing the gear box oil as needed. Vacuum Pump Drive
  • The vacuum pump shall be direct driven. Torque is transmitted from the motor to the pump through a shaft coupling.
  • Vacuum Pump Motor
  • TEFC NEMA C-face
  • 3600 RPM, continuous duty
  • 208 V or 230-460 V, 60 Hz, 3 phase electrical service Vibration Isolation System
  • The pumps and motor are fully isolated from the package base by means of rubber mounts.

Vacuum System Accessories
System is equipped with vacuum relief valves, check valves,
inlet and discharge flexible connectors, isolation valves, high
discharge temperature switches, vacuum switches, vacuum
gauge and oil sight glass.

Intake Piping
• Factory piped intake with integral flex connector, isolation valve and check valve.
• Interconnecting piping shall consist of iron pipe and fittings painted white.

Vacuum Receiver
• ASME construction, epoxy lined
• Rated for a minimum 200 psig design pressure
• Rated for full vacuum service
• Manual valve drain included