Area Alarm and Master Alarm Retro Fits

Medical Facility Services
Maintaining and testing a medical gas system, while satisfying NFPA 99 Chapter 5 code standards can be daunting.  To insure you are meeting the standards enforced by the Joint Commission for the Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO), Center for Medicare Services (CMS), or any other regulatory agency, HFS can guide you through the process of what is required, and what is recommended by NFPA 99, and ASSE.  We provide the documentation you need to satisfy regulatory agencies requirements, and the services you need to keep your patients and staff safe.  A few of the services listed below, but are not limited to:

SOURCE EQUIPMENT REPAIRS AND PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE (Select manufacturers and models only apply)

  • Dew Point and Carbon Monoxide Calibration and Testing
  • Medical Air Compressor Preventative Maintenance
  • Gaseous Hydrocarbon Testing
  • Medical Air Dryer Desiccant Dryer Maintenance/Replacements
  • High Pressure Manifold/Liquid Oxygen Dewar System Repairs
  • Medical Vacuum System Preventative Maintenance 
  • Medical Gas Annual Testing requirements per NFPA 99, – in conjunction with the standards listed in ASSE Series 6000 and manufacturer recommendations
  • Medical Gas Area/Master/Local Alarm Testing NFPA 5.1.9,
  • Labeling requirements NFPA 99
  • Flex Connector Testing NFPA
  • Medical Gas Particulate Testing
  • Medical Air System Purity Testing NPFA
  • Medical Gas Concentration Testing NFPA
  • Customized Medical Gas Maintenance Programs NFPA 5.1.14
  • Medical Gas Outlet Retrofits/RepairMedical Gas Area/Master Alarm Retrofits
  • Medical Gas Control Panel Retrofits
  • System Decontaminations 
From small renovations to major additions, replacement facilities, or existing equipment replacement, Hospital Facility Services can guide you through the project by asking the right questions needed to satisfy a facilities desired outcome, and make system maintenance easier that every using the latest design and equipment technologies. 
  • Technology selection for medical vacuum systems, medical air compressors, lab air compressors, instrument air compressors, high pressure manifold systems
  • Medical pas project management and complete scope review
  • Health care facilities NFPA 99c compliance consulting
  • Monitoring and building management system integration
  • Component location requirements
  • Continuing education
Submitting a bid on a plan and spec project, big or small, Hospital Facility Services offers complete quotes to make sure you have all aspects of the medical gas equipment and service covered.  We take pride in offering complete turn-key contractor services.  Some of which are as follows:
  • Medical Gas Verifications – All Medical Gas Systems shall be tested when breached.  Ref. NFPA 99 5.1.12.  Our Verifiers all have the required ASSE Series 6000 Credentials as required per NFPA and we are fully insured.  HFS will make sure your system is safe for patient use and that all NFPA Chapter 5 code requirements are satisfied.
  • Project Management Services – Plan and specification review, system evaluations, NFPA code interpretation.  It is all included when you use HFS as your supplier.  Whether it is replacing pipeline components or source systems (medical air compressor/vacuum/manifolds), HFS will guide you through what will be required from low voltage medical gas alarm monitoring, to component locations, tie-in locations, and medical gas service interruption.  When working with Hospital Facility Services you will have complete project scope review and plan.  It is our goal to make sure your project is completed ON TIME and ON BUDGET, and make sure there are no unforeseen costs.  Call us today to schedule an on-site visit!
  • System Start Up/Owner Training – Medical gas source system start-up and owner training all the equipment that we provide because we believe in our product. It is our goal to make sure YOUR CUSTOMER IS SATISFIED, and has a great experience from design and development to installation.
  • Plan and Spec Bids – ADD HOSPITAL FACILITY SERVICES TO YOUR BID LIST TODAY! HFS is happy to offer complete bids (equipment and service) for all medical gas plan and spec projects.  Just send us the drawings for the project and we will complete a take-off and submit a bid on-time.
  • Service Interruptions – All existing medical gas system modification will required a service interruption at some point during the project.  HFS is here to assist you the planning, implementation, and execution for service interruptions.  HFS offers the reports and documentation to contractors that are required to satisfy all NPFA Chapter 5 requirements are met.