Squire Cogswell / Ohio Medical Manifold Parts

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Maintain and repair your Squire Cogswell and Ohio medical manifolds with guinuine parts.  Regulair maintenance is recommened to extend the life if your existing manifold system, increase patient and staff safety.

Common parts to keep on hand:
  • Primary Regulator
  • Secondary Regulator
  • Shuttle/Solenoid Valves
  • Cylinder leads (pigtails)  
Squire Cogswell / Ohio Medical manifold systems are designed and tested for optimal performance and adherence to safety specifications. We recommend the use of Squire Cogswell / Ohio Medical replacement components to maintain the standards of performance and the safety of the product.

Don't wait for your manifold to have issues, order parts in advance to elimate down time or service inturruptions.  CONTACT US today for a complete mainenance kit!