Servicable Medical Gas Check Valves with Extensions

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Hospital Facility Services medical gas check valves are compliante with NFPA 99 for use in medical gas systems. With dual ports, 3 piece serviceability, and brazing extensions.  The check valves are commonly used for Emergency Oxygen Supply Connections, in-building emergency reserves systems, and high pressure tank reserve systems.

  • Cleaned for medical gas service
  • Individually packaged and capped
  • Available in sizes ½” to 4”
  • 3-piece design for ease of maintenance
  • Type-K copper extensions
  • Dual gauge port design
  • 100% Hydrostatically tested
  • Pressure rating up to 300 psig [2.068 kPa]
  • Highest CV possible


The valves shall be a 3-Piece design, with a removable body for servicing without cutting or disassembling of lines. Valves are to be provided with type-K copper extensions for connections on the pipeline. The medical gas check valves are designed for working pressures of up to 300 psig [2,068 kPa] Each check valve assembly shall be washed and degreased for medical gas service as per CGA G-4.1. Pipe stub extensions shall be capped at both ends. The valve shall be supplied in a sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination prior to installation.
NOTE: The Medical Gas Check Valve is recommended to be installed in the horizontal position.  Minimum 5 psi pressure differential recommended.