Servicable Medical Gas Check Valves with Extensions

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Hospital Facility Services medical gas check valves with copper extensions are compliant with NFPA 99 for use in medical gas systems.  The check valves are commonly used for Emergency Oxygen Supply Connections, in-building emergency reserves systems, and high pressure tank reserve systems.

  • Cleaned for medical gas service
  • Individually packaged and capped
  • Available in sizes ½” to 4”
  • 3-piece design for ease of maintenance
  • Type-K copper extensions
  • Dual gauge port design
  • 100% Hydrostatically tested
  • Pressure rating up to 300 psig [2.068 kPa]
  • Highest CV possible


The valves shall be a 3-Piece design, with a removable body for servicing without cutting or disassembling of lines. Valves are to be provided with type-K copper extensions for connections on the pipeline. The medical gas check valves are designed for working pressures of up to 300 psig [2,068 kPa] Each check valve assembly shall be washed and degreased for medical gas service as per CGA G-4.1. Pipe stub extensions shall be capped at both ends. The valve shall be supplied in a sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination prior to installation.
NOTE: The Medical Gas Check Valve is recommended to be installed in the horizontal position.  Minimum 5 psi pressure differential recommended.