Medical Rail Systems

To help  increase work flow productivity, Hospital Facility Services offers a full line of medical equipment rails systems and mounting solutions, along with adapters and other compatibility components for your existing equipment. Our medical equipment rails maximize the limited space behind and around the patient bed, while allowing the flexibility to move the equipment you don't need out of the way, and replacing it with what you do need .  
Our medical rail solutions will keep you organized and help reduce clutter around the patient care area.  Equipment rails can be customized to fit most common medical instruments and equipment, making them universally compatible.
Request a quote on equipment rails for your facility, or contact Hospital Facility Services to learn more.


Key Features of Medical Equipment Rails

  • Cost effective alternative to complete headwall systems
  • Easy to add to custom casework/cabinetry
  • Reduce clutter & improve organization
  • Provide a less “clinical” look to room décor
  • Suitable for use throughout your facility
  • Various customizable configurations available
  • Easy to clean
  • Compatible with equipment rails from other manufacturers
  • Available in a variety of surface treatment colors (standard is clear anodized aluminum)
See individual product listings for additional information and specifications.