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Series 455 MedFlex loops are produced speci! cally for medical gas applications and are documented, purged, and brazed to NFPA 99 (National Fire Protection Association) standards.  All loops are cleaned, capped, and bagged in accordance with CGA (Compressed Gas Association) G-4.1.

Like other V-Loop products, MedFlex loops are capable of motion in all directions.  Due to the unique design, MedFlex loops can be installed anywhere that building motion or pipe movement may be experienced—seismic applications, thermal pipe growth, or building settling.  The MedFlex loop is versatile. It may be installed in a variety of con! gurations and can even be nested to save space.

The standard position for the MedFlex V-Loop is in a horizontal pipe run, with the elbow pointing straight down.  Positioning is versatile, however, and the loops can be installed in many other positions such as laying the loop horizontal, positioning the elbow straight up, or positioning for vertical pipe run.  In installations other than the standard position, Unisource can provide a support eyelet to allow a cable or rod to support the weight of the loop and its contents.