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NFPA 99 v 2012 Emergency oxygen supply connection box is required for medical facility if the oxygen source is remotely located from the building that it serves, and if there isn't a in-building emergency oxygen reserve system with 1 days supply of oxygen inside the building.  Hospital Facility Services offers recessed or surface mounted EOSC's kits that include check valves and master alarm pressure switch.

  • Dual port serviceable check valves with extensions
  • High/Low pressure switch
  • Low pressure 1” female npt connection for high flow
  • Lockable weather tight enclosure, for outside mounting
  • Gauge for display of supply pressure
  • Box can be mounted horizontally or vertically by changing front label
  • Box available in recessed or surface mounting
  • 3-Piece check valves and brass body relief valves available for installation (must be ordered separately)


General Specifications:

The “Emergency Gaseous Oxygen Inlet Station” shall be an Amico Alert-1 series.
As required by NFPA-99 and CSA Z7396.1, oxygen systems having the source of supply outside the building shall have an inlet to connect a temporary, auxiliary source of supply for emergency or maintenance situations. This connection shall include necessary valves and to allow for an emergency supply of oxygen and isolation of the normal source of supply. The inlet connection shall be a 1” female npt connection and be provided with a plug to prevent entry of foreign matter into the oxygen system when not in use. A 1” brass ball valve controls access to the emergency supply, and the gauge indicates the pressure being introduced into the oxygen pipeline.The Emergency Gaseous Oxygen Inlet shall be housed in a weather tight recessed enclosure.

The enclosure door shall be labelled “Emergency Low Pressure Gaseous Oxygen Inlet” and shall be equipped with a staple for padlocking to allow entry only by authorized personnel. A mounting frameshall extend completely around the enclosure to trim recessed mounting on an exterior wall. The interior of the enclosure shall be clearly labelled with instructions for connection and operation of the emergency oxygen inlet. The check valves shall be a 3-Piece design, with a removable body for servicing without cutting or disassembling of lines. Valves are to be provided with type-K copper extensions for connections on the pipeline. Required for installation in the main and emergency supply pipeline, in accordance with NFPA-99.

A brass body relief valve with the relief pressure set @75 psi is required for installation in the emergency supply line. The relief valve shall be supplied factory cleaned for oxygen service and shall automatically reset after discharging to provide a positive seal. All components will be sourced and cleaned for medical gas service. The sealing compound used will be compatible for medical gas service.

Amico products comply with NFPA-99