Wireless Medical Gas Master Alarm Panel

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The Tri-Tech Med Touch Wireless Master Receiving Panels are designed to provide years of trouble free reliable operation. With up to 128 alarm points per network (up to 4 networks) available to monitor critical equipment for your facility, and provide alarm conditions as required by the latest edition of NFPA 99. Tri-Tech Wireless Master Alarm networks drastically reduce installation costs by eliminating most of the low voltage wiring. The wireless network monitors and displays normal and alarm conditions from local source sending panels to two or more master alarm panels. Repeater panels may be added to the network(s) as needed to boost signal communication.

Features and Benefits
  • Five year parts and one year labor limited warranty*
  • Complies with NFPA 99. Made in the U.S.A.
  • Broadcast up to 1/4 mile thru steel, brick & mortar.
  • Secure – utilizes FCC regulated bandwidths and unique hopping and network I.D.’s
  • Mesh-network transceivers
  • Repeater panels available – if needed.
  • Microprocessor controlled
  • Constant display & monitoring of each source alarm signal
  • Hinged frame with lanyards for easy accessibility
  • A ‘general fault’ set of dry contacts with relay to trigger an optional remote alarm in the event of an alarm condition
  • Each 2.85” LCD touch screen displays up to 8 normal and alarm conditions for pressure switch sensor inputs
  • The LCD touch screen allows all alarm programming and set up to be done without the use of tools
  • A green normal or red alarm condition for each alarm point confirms the condition for each individual signal point
  • Emergency preparedness instructions - Med Touch alarm panels allow users to set up customized instructions for each alarm signal, to appear when the signal is in alarm state
  • Up to 128 signal points in a single sending panel and up to 4 networks of 128 signal points per network available
  • Last event history (per signal point)
  • English, French, and Spanish pre-loaded languages
  • Editable text and alarm ‘labels’
  • Self-contained unit - Designed for ease of installation and service
  • Self-diagnostic and error message display for ease of maintenance
  • Audio and visual alarm indicators
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