Vacuum Exhaust Silencers/Mufflers

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Reduce noice and vibration on your vacuum system exhaust with an inline muffler.  Available in mutiple sizes these vacuum mufflers are designed for maximum flow and minimal pressure drop. The absorptive type silencer is the classic dissipative design, deriving its noise control properties from the basic fact that noise energy is effectively “absorbed” by various types of fibrous packing materials. More technically, as sound waves pass through the spaces between the tightly-packed smalldiameter fibers of the absorptive material, the resulting viscous friction dissipates the sound energy as small amounts of heat.
  • Layered sound absorbent media
  • For inlet and discharge inline air service
  • Corrosion resistant carbon steel construction
  • Powder coat finish: 1/2” to 1-1/2”
  • Epoxy coat finish: 2” to 4”
  • Max. temperature (continuous): 225°F (107°C)
  • Flange adapters
  • Larger sizes
  • Special connections
  • Hi-temp models
Due to the wide range of equipment and environments; please contact factory for typical noise attenuation for your application.

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