Retractable Anesthesia Ceiling Column

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Hospital Facility Services’ manual retractable ceiling anesthesia column provides gas and electrical power for your operating room in one convenient, centralized location, and saves space in potentially crowded areas. 
When not in use, the retractable anesthesia column easily raises up and out of the way via manually-operated telescopic action. This helps avoid accidental contact with medical personnel during procedures.
Built with stainless steel exterior panels for easy cleaning, our retractable anesthesia ceiling columns provide up to 12 medical gas outlets and 12 electrical outlets.
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Telescoping, Retractable Electrical & Medical Gas Outlets

Our manual retractable ceiling columns consist of an upper section for rigid mounting to the ceiling, and a telescopic lower section that extends up to 18” (457 mm). The retractable section is activated by a coiled spring mechanism, and can be lowered and raised to any position by simply turning the handle. An internal tracking system helps ensure free and easy movement up and down, as needed.
Upper and lower sections feature 16-gauge 304 stainless steel outer panels with #4 satin finish. Additional features include:
  • Removable access panel
  • Stainless steel ceiling collar
  • Heavy gauge steel mounting plate equipped with medical gas outlets for connections above the ceiling line
All devices are factory installed on the sides or bottom of the column via flexible hoses and flexible metal conduit. Threaded connections comply with NFPA, CGA, and DISS recommendations to prevent interchanging of connections. All services are pre-assembled and factory tested.
Standard dimensions of our retractable medical gas ceiling column are 13-9/16” x 13-9/16” (345 mm x 345 m) for the upper section, and 12” x 12” (305 mm x 305 mm) for the lower section.

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Give you operating rooms all the electrical and medical gas outlets they need without cluttering up the space by installing a retractable ceiling column from Hospital Facility Services. Request a quote or contact us today.
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Features & Benefits of Retractable Medical Gas Ceiling Columns

  • Up to 12 medical gas outlets (10 bottom, 2 side mounted) in any desired sequence
  • Electrical outlets can be added to any of the four sides of the column
  • Optional nitrogen control panel
  • Provides a modern, efficient method of supplying gas and electrical services in surgery or special care areas
  • For anesthetizing locations, gas outlets are bottom-mounted; units for specialized care areas feature side mounted outlets to facilitate the use of secondary equipment
  • When not in use, the telescopic section retracts to avoid accidental contact with medical staff
  • Column face can be lowered to facilitate hook-up of services
  • Any combination of ground jacks, computer outlets, communication devices, slides, and IV hooks can be mounted on side panels
  • Ceiling column is UL listed to U.S. and Canadian safety standards

NOTE: Carbon dioxide outlets are only available in DISS, Ohmeda and Chemetron. Nitrogen outlets are only available in DISS.