Ohio Medical LCD Master Alarm

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Monitor all your medical gas source equipment with the Ohio Medical Medical Gas master alarm panel.

• 12.1” Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
• Supply Power: 100V-240V AC • Circuit breaker protected
• Alarm Point Inputs: up to 30 points
• Dry Contacts: 30 (optional)
• Remote alarm communications: Modbus (standard); BACnet (optional); Ethernet (optional)
• NFPA® 99 Compliant
• Manufactured in an ISO 9001 and 13485 Environment
• Enclosure materials constructed of heavy duty steel to protect internal components from adverse conditions and electrical interference
• Alarm conditions shall be identified via audible alarms and visual indicators
• Audible Alarm-Point Silence Button provided to silence the alarm (field adjustable duration)
• Audible Alarm Horn is adjustable • Audible Alarm is to remain in an alarm state until the condition that initiated the alarm condition is corrected
• Visual Alarm-Point Indicators shall illuminate and/ or flash even if the Audible Alarm is silenced and, to remain in an alarm state until the condition initiating the alarm is corrected