Nitrous Oxide / Oxygen Dental Manifold

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The EzFlow Dental Digital Automatic Manifold is the perfect manifold solution for your dental nitrous oxide delivery system.

  • Medical grade pressure sensors
  • Microprocessor based system
  • Digital LED display showing pressure read out
  • Inline solenoids restrict flow of gases when in stand-by mode
  • Metal enclosure
  • Remote alarm/controller connected via CAT5 or CAT6 only.
  • No external power required.


The Automatic Manifold can accommodate two cylinders for both oxygen and nitrous oxide. This manifold is fully automatic and shall switch from “In Use” to “Reserve” tank without fluctuations in the gas delivery. The “Empty" indicator will remain lit until a new cylinder is connected and the appropriate pressure is detected by the manifold. The system is autosensing... no need to manually reset the manifold after a cylinder change.
For patient safety, the Dental Manifold will not deliver nitrous oxide through the piping system if the oxygen supply pressure is depleted or turned off.
Front numerical LED display indicates input pressure of the tank in use. Front Manifold controls consist of a Stand-by and Mute button.
Individual tank status LED's indicate In-Use (green), Reserve Ready (yellow) and Empty (red).  Easily change-over from one bank to another via a push-button control.  Line Status LED's indicate Normal (green), Low (red) and High (flashing red).  For remote applications, the Remote Alarm/Controller can be paired up with a 3rd party Zone Valve Box with sensor provision option. This locates the line sensors downstream of the valve and in an accessible location for future maintenance. The Manifold and Remote Alarm/Controller both provide auditory and visual alarms. For larger facilities, the manifold can be paired up with 3rd party Remote Buzzers or a Master Alarm, either option providing an alarm notification in multiple office locations.
The Remote Alarm/Controller LED's indicate the current line and reserve tank status. The RAC also allows the system to enter standby mode without having to physically access the manifold area.  The Remote Alarm/Controller shall be connected using standard CAT5 or CAT6 cables with a maximum length of 100' [30.5 m] (a separate power supply is not required).