NeoNatal Cabinet Headwall System

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The Neonatal cabinet headwall system is prefabricated with single point medical gas service and electrical connections.  It comes as a complete unit, and can be customized to meet your specific dimensions and service requirements.  The neonatal unit can be built with any material you desire.  These units are built per order, so we can accommodate any of your requirements. 

For more information, please submit a quote request and we will get in-touch with you about your specifc project!

Construction Specification
The Neonatal Unit shall be constructed of .094" thick 6063-t 5 alloy, extruded aluminium for the structural frame members. All exposed aluminium surface shall be clear anodized. The unit shall be equipped with Medical Design’s 45º two track system as an integral part of the main frame, designed to manage hospital equipment and accessories both horizontally and vertically. An all aluminium fascia strip shall accept medical gas outlets and electrical devices. Cabinetry and drawers are made of fire-retardant hardwoods and composites. Exposed surfaces shall be finished with laminated panels according to the architect color selection.  This product is cULus listed.
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Medical Gas
Medical gas outlets shall be supplied, installed and manifolded by Medical Design. Connection points for copper tubing are located above top of unit. Medical gas outlet will be manifolded with copper piping unless otherwise specified. Installation and testing shall comply with National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 99c) & C.R.N. (BNQ 5710-500, CSA 305.1 / B51-95).
Electrical Equipment
Electrical devices shall be supplied and pre-wired by Medical Design. Wiring shall run through metal raceway and terminate at the top of the unit connected to the Hospital electrical system. Conductors shall be No 12 stranded RW-90 copper wire for normal and emergency power circuits. All devices shall be grounded with #10 AWG green jacket stranded copper wire. All electrical receptacles are NEMA 5-15/20R, 125 volts AC, hospital grade and comply with CSA and are cULus listed. Emergency receptacle shall be red in color and ivory for normal power.
Communication devices shall be supplied and installed by others. Provisions for devices shall be coordinated with Medical Design.
Site Installation
All units shall be installed in accordance with Medical Design’s installation instructions. The mechanical and electrical contractor shall provide the final connection to the Hospital System. The contractor has the responsibility to insure that every unit is subject to a final site inspection in compliance with all National, State and Local Codes.