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Hospital Facility Services offers dual port medical gas isolation valves to meet the requirements of NFPA 99–2012, section  The medical gas valves are servicable per NFPA 99 Requirements.  The full port medical gas ball valves include extensions for brazing, dual ports, and a locking handle.  These valves are serviceable and repair kits can be found here

Features & Benefits of  Dual Port Locking Medical Gas Valves

  • Three Piece Construction
  • Forged Brass Components
  • Lowest Pressure Drop
  • Type K Copper Tube Ends
  • Dual Gage Ports 
  • Easy to Service
  • USA Assembly and Test
  • Oxygen Cleaned and Packaged
  • All Valves are Tested

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Medical Gas Valves

Our Medical Gas Ball Valves comply NFPA 99–2012, section Valves are full port, 1/4 turn, double seal, ball-type, three piece design with forged brass body and chrome-plated brass ball. They are designed for working pressures up to 600 psig and the body has Teflon® material ball seats and Teflon® material stem seals. Seats, seals, lubricants and valve materials are compatible with USP oxygen, nitrous oxide, medical air, carbon dioxide, helium, nitrogen and mixtures thereof at continuous pressure of up to 600 psig and vacuum service to 29" Hg.

Medical gas ball valves are provided with type-K copper tube extensions for connections on the pipeline. They are serviceable in the line and supplied clean and prepared for oxygen service per CGA G-4.1. Valves are capped and packaged in a polyethylene bag to keep them clean

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  • If your gas distribution system requires locking gas valves, Hospital Facility Services has the solution you need. We offer dual port medical gas valves in sizes from 1/2” to 4”. Request a quote or contact us for the locking isolation valve your application requires.