Medical Gas Ball Valves - No Extensions

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These medical gas ball valves without extensions are ideal for medical gas and vacuum intake and exhaust lines.

  • Valves can be smooth bore or pipe thread
  • 3 piece design for ease of maintenance
  • Cleaned for medical gas service
  • Blow-out proof stem
  • Available in sizes 1/2” to 4”
  • Full-Port design
  • Available in locking or non-locking


General Specifications:
All section shut-off and main line ball valves.

The Valve shall be 3 piece ball-type design with a bronze body and chrome plated brass ball for sizes 1/2” to 4”. Seats shall be Teflon (TFE) and seals Viton for 1/2” - 4” valves. A blow-out proof stem shall be used and the valve shall have a maximum pressure rating of 600 psi [4,137 kPa]. Valves shall be operated by a lever-type handle requiring only a quarter turn from a fully open position to a fully closed position. Valves shall be designed in such a manner that it can be “swung-out” during installation so as to prevent damage due to heat transfer during the brazing operation.

Each valve assembly shall be washed and degreased for medical gas service. The valve shall be supplied in a sealed plastic bag to prevent contamination prior to installation.  Products comply with NFPA-99.