Medical Gas Backfeed Kit

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The easy to use, ideal kit to backfeed through a medical gas zone valve box.  E Z Find™ and E Z Feed™ products allow most existing medical gas valves to be converted to incorporate a DISS gas specific backfeeding port and a DISS gas specific transducer connection. The benefits provided are: the facility has available on line port(s) for backfeeding specific areas of the facility for emergency preparedness and for remodeling. Also, the transducers, which provide/monitor gas line pressures in the zone, are able to be installed in the corresponding zone valve box for easy access for testing and service.


  • Safe, fast method for back-feeding medical gases
  • No need to interrupt the medical gas supply
  • Avoids disrupting patients
  • Easy to locate area alarm transducers
  • Convenient location to test alarm transducers.

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