Connect2 Quick Connect Medical Gas Outlet

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The Allied Connect2® medical gas outlet stations provide convenient access to medical gases in patient care locations. They accept either a Chemetron or Ohmeda adapter in the same outlet. The outlets are field-gangable in any order desired by the facility. Outlets are spaced 5" (12.7 cm) center to center. Outlet finish plates and rough-in plates are pin indexed using steel pins for positive cross-connection prevention. Primary valves are separate from the finish plate, allowing easy testing for leaks and cross connection. Primary valves are made of brass and contain a chrome-plated self-sealing poppet. Primary valves are field-adjustable to compensate for variations in plaster thickness of 1/2" to 3/4". Outlets may be special ordered with extended valve bodies that allow for an additional 3/8" or 3/4" adjustment.
  • Accepts both Chemetron® and Ohmeda® adapters in the same outlet
  • Push-button release for Chemetron adapters Ohmeda adapters are twist-released
  • Cleaned for oxygen service Safety keyed to help prevent cross-connections
  • Conforms to NFPA and CGA UL and CSA approved

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The outlet stations are fully compliant with NFPA 99 1999 and CGA G-4.1. The outlet is UL listed. Finish plates consist of a stainless steel insert surrounded by a silver metallic-finish ABS high-impact decorative trim. Gas identification is provided by a polycarbonate plastic insert, color-coded by gas service, per NFPA and CGA.
Release is easily accomplished with one hand using a push button release (or twist release for Ohmeda style adapters). The primary valve poppet provides a dust-proof seal. Vacuum outlets may be used without slide brackets for vacuum collection bottles of up to 1/2-gallon capacity.