Medical Gas and Power Floor Pedestals

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Medical Gas and Electrical Floor Pedestal are custom built to order product, to requrest quote, add to cart and add comments of what you are looking for and we will get in touch with you on the specifics.

Ideal for Endoscopy, Cath Lab, and minor procedure rooms!

General Specifications:
  • Stainless steel shell for aesthetic appearance.
  • All devices and gas outlets are accessible through the access panel on the back of the pedestal or the removable top.
  • Custom sizes are available upon request.
  • The floor pedestal shall be made of stainless steel with a #4 satin finish.
  • It shall be capable of holding medical gas outlets and electrical devices within the structure of the unit.
The electrical devices are provided with electrical boxes and 18" flex conduit and wire. Provided wire is #12, stranded copper THHN, 600 volt insulation (or RW90 XLPE, 600 volt insulation in Canada) for hot and neutral (black and white respectively). Grounds shall be #10, THHN  stranded copper wire
(green). All ground conductors are installed in conduit.  Receptacles will be installed with ground pin up.

Standard sizes to choose from:
  • Small Shell - 12" x 10" x 20" (305 mm x 254 mm x 508 mm)
  • Large Shell - 18" x 10" x 20" (457 mm x 254 mm x 508 mm)
The Floor Pedestal is rated for 120 to 240 V max, 50-60 Hz.
The Floor Pedestal is UL Listed to U.S.

Product Files

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Electrical Equipment
Electrical devices shall be furnished pre-installed within the side’s faceplate shroud of the pedestal in premounted back box for final site installation. Each devices back box shall be accessible by removing the top access panel. All electrical receptacles are NEMA 5-15/20R, 125 volts AC, hospital grade and comply with CSA and are cULus listed. Receptacles shall be red for emergency and ivory for normal power. All components, installation, and testing shall comply with NFPA and National Electrical Code (NEC).

Medical Gas
Medical gas outlets shall be supplied and installed. All outlets to be manifolded on site by local contractor. Installation and testing shall comply with
National Fire Protection Association (NFPA 99c) & C.R.N. (BNQ 5710-500, CSA 305.1 / B51-95).

Site Installation
All units shall be installed in accordance with Medical Design’s installation instructions. The mechanical and electrical contractor shall provide the final connection to the Hospital System. The contractor has the responsibility to insure that every unit is subject to a final site inspection in compliance with all National, State and Local Codes.