Beacon Medaes Outlet Parts

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Repair your leaking Beacon Medaes medical gas outlets to save money on oxygen, increase staff and patient safety, and comply with NFPA 99.  Beacon Medaes outlets are available with four different types of connects.  Geometric quick connect, Chemetron latch key quick connect, DISS, and Ohmeda quick connect.

  • Replacements for front latch assemblies
  • Replacements for rough-in secondary check
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Medical gas outlets in high use areas should be inspected at least every six months and more frequently if outlets are used daily. All outlets should
be inspected at least once a year. Follow National Fire Protection Association Standard 99, 99C “Gas and Vacuum Systems,”  “Nonflammable Medical Gas Piping Systems” requirements and methods for periodic testing and maintenance of medical gas and vacuum systems.


1. Back off the two mounting screws (1) until the latch valve (2) can be pulled from the outlet. As the screws are loosened, system pressure will push the latch valve from the outlet.
2. Remove the retaining ring (3) from the back of the valve assembly (2) by removing the two screws (4).
3. Remove the connector (5) from the valve assembly (2).
4. Remove the spring and poppet (6) and primary seal (7). Obtain a new primary seal (7). Inspect other items for wear or damage, and replace with
new parts as necessary.
5. Reassemble the quick-connect valve.
6. Reinstall the latch valve in the outlet block. Coat the connector (5) with a thin film of silicone lubricant to aid in insertion. Use care not to overtighten mounting screws (1) as this can cause distortion of the latch valve.
7. Insert a gas-specific adapter in the latch valve. It should enter smoothly, latch, flow gas, and remain in place. If not, replace the entire latchvalve
assembly (2).