Medical Gas Fittings, Adapters & Couplers

Medical gas outlet adapters are used in many applications in a medical facility.  Some of the uses are as follows:
  • Used to connect flow meters and suction regulators to medical gas wall outlet
  • Installed on both ends of medical gas hoses
  • Come in many configurations, the medical gas outlet connection side will consist of one of the following: Puritan Bennett / Geometric quick connect, Ohmeda / Key Index quick connect, Chemetron quick connect, and DISS
  • The divice side shall consiste of a 1/8" or 1/4" standard pipe thread to connection to flow meters and suction regulators. 
  • Hoses can consist of any combination, but are most typicall used for ceiling outlets, which will have a DISS gas specific female connection to connect to the outlets, and a gas specific female coupler.
Not sure what connection you need?  Send us a picture of what you are trying to connect to and we are happy to help!